Morning arrives and you finally stir from your deep slumber, opening your eyes to see the bright blue sky above you from the warmth of your bed. With a large, open skylight located on the ceiling of the bedroom, this scenario can become a reality. Installing skylights has been a trend in home improvement over the last few years for a variety of reasons. Many homeowners find skylights appealing because of their ability to let in natural light, which is a vital tool for reducing the use of energy. Plus, who doesn’t like to see the beauty of the sky above from their own home?

Do you have a dark area or room of your home that could use some natural light? Compared to regular windows, skylights offer a variety of benefits that can save money in the long run. With skylights, homeowners can utilize more of the daily natural light we are provided with by the sun. Skylights can be added in almost any room of the house, including the bathroom, bedroom, living room or kitchen. The ceiling windows offer an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere that will last for years to come.

If you are considering skylights for your home, it is important to determine how they can put your residence at an advantage.

1. Increased Lighting
Skylights are the perfect solution for balancing the light in the room at an affordable rate. Regular windows can cause annoying glares that can obstruct the view of the television or computer. Skylights reduce the glare from the sun, making the room more visible. Skylights are a great tactic for completely transforming the living area to appear more open and visibly safe.

2. Energy Efficient 
Skylights are now available with energy-efficient glass options. Homeowners can even opt for a solar-powered skylight which comes with remote control and has built-in sensors for automatically opening and closing.

3. Increased Money Savings
The natural light that flows in from your skylight will reduce the amount of energy you use in your house. This leads to a reduction in energy costs. Plus, homeowners who install skylights can be eligible for 30% federal tax credit.

4. Provides Ventilation
Skylights can act as a ventilation system by drawing up warm air and flowing cool, fresh air through the house. The air flow occurs as a result of the chimney or exhaust-like effect that the skylight creates.

5. Offers Privacy
In areas of the home that need privacy, curtains or blinds may be used to obstruct the view from the outside. With skylights, obtaining privacy is never an issue because the window is above. Unlike regular windows, skylights offer a balance of privacy and natural light.

6. Produces Healthy Environment
Letting natural sunlight into the interior of the home can enhance a person’s mood and help with depression. Experiencing sunlight helps the body generate Vitamin D and also stimulates the mind. Other health benefits from the lighting effect that skylights provide include reduced stress, lowered blood pressure and an improvement in the immune system.

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