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Is there anything better than waking up to a blue sky and some soft clouds? Imagine your favorite rooms bathed in natural sunlight. It can add such brightness to any setting and a remarkable difference to any room. Often a home can feel so much more spacious and it is the look most everyone wants today.Now imagine the ability to increase comfort and save energy at the same time. Skylights installed by American Quality Remodeling can do this and more. 

American Quality Remodeling is the only certified installer of Wasco Skylights in Central and Southern NJ, South East PA and Delaware.

Our Skylight Products

American Quality Remodeling has chosen to offer skylights from Velux and Wasco, two of the leading manufacturers in the United States. Not only are they durable and beautiful, but both Velux Skylights and Wasco Skylights offer energy saving glass options as well as a prefinished look that avoids painting.

American Quality Remodeling skylights are ENERGY STAR qualified in every state we serve. The LoE 366 glass reduces window heat gain by 64% compared to ordinary glass and 35% compared to LoE 2 glass.

Solar Powered Skylights

Why stop there? American Quality Remodeling now offers a Fresh Air Solar Powered Skylight option. In the past, operable skylights required expensive electricians running the needed wiring which was often unsightly. That is now a thing of the past. With a Solar Powered Skylight, there is no wiring needed and it creates a tremendous airflow within your home often referred to as the chimney effect. The hottest air in your home is just underneath your ceiling. That air is now allowed to leave your home, while bringing in the cooler air from underneath.

In addition, The Solar Powered Skylight features a remote control for easy operation and a rain sensor that automatically closes your skylight in rain. Direct sunlight is not needed in order to provide solar power. Now imagine that this option is very affordable! Due to a 30% federal tax credit, the average homeowner will receive $850 with federal tax credit eligibility which makes this product extremely affordable.

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