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At American Quality Remodeling, our roofing company specializes in high-quality roof installations and roof repairs near North New Jersey, South New Jersey, Philadelphia, and Delaware. We work with leading roofing manufacturers to ensure our roofing contractors are certified to install your roof. We deliver long-lasting roofing solutions, including metal roofing and Timberline roofing, to protect your home and improve its aesthetics. From shake and slate shingles to asphalt and more, our roofing company helps choose the ideal material and complete roofing installations that fit your home and budget.

Your Trusted Roofing Company in New Jersey and Philadelphia

We are a trusted roofing company close to North New Jersey, South New Jersey, and Philadelphia and have built long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our past customers have helped us grow with positive feedback and enthusiastic referrals. We aim to give our customers the best experience at affordable prices, whether they require roof gutter repair, roofing installation, or other roofing services.


American Quality Remodeling is proud to partner with Classic Metal Roofing products for many of our residential metal roofing applications.

Beautiful and durable, metal roofing is fast becoming the material of choice for residential applications. It has more than quadrupled its roofing market share over the last ten years. Advances in technology, forming techniques, and finishing options mean that today, more than ever, there are metal roofing options available that can be customized to suit virtually any preference and budget.

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GAF Timberline® Shingles

At American Quality Remodeling, we’re a GAF-certified installation company and offer extended GAF roofing warranties for our customers throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. The GAF Timberline® is the #1 selling shingle in the Northeast and is well known for its rugged and dependable roofing system. Our Timberline® lifetime shingles are our least expensive roofing option yet offer exceptional quality.

Timberline® Cool Series Shingles

Thanks to modern reflective technology, you can join the green revolution with Cool Series® Roofing Shingles. The highly reflective shingles can help to reduce temperatures in your attic, so your home will stay cooler in the summer — to save on air-conditioning costs.

Simply put, the Cool Series® Shingles use specially designed roofing granules that have greater reflectance than traditional shingles. This results in less transfer of heat to the space below — to keep you cooler in the summer.

Not only that, Timberline® Cool Series®Shingles are made with the patented StainGuard® Protection — to ensure the beauty of your roof against unsightly blue-green algae!

Timberline HD® Shingles

Help improve your home’s resale value with Timberline HD® Shingles from GAF. Timberline® High Definition® Shingles with Advanced Protection®Shingle Technology are the #1-selling shingles in North America. Timberline HD® Shingles will not only protect your most valuable asset but also beautify your home for years to come. 

Timberline HD Shingles feature a class A fire rating from Underwriters Laboratories, the highest rating possible. They were also Designed with Advanced Protection® technology, which minimizes the use of natural resources while providing superior protection for your home. These shingles also have Dura Grip™ Adhesive, which seals each shingle tightly and reduces the risk of shingle blow-off. Shingles warranted to withstand winds up to 130 mph.

Timberline® American Harvest®

Designed to complement your home’s exterior color scheme, the American Harvest®Collection will give you that modern architectural style you want, at a price you can afford! Its custom color palette, designed exclusively for GAF by color industry expert Patricia Verlodt, features subtle blends with contrasting colors that are designed to enhance your home’s exterior and give it unexpected depth and beauty.

But it’s more than just a great-looking shingle. Professional installers have long preferred the rugged, dependable performance that only a Timberline® roof can offer.

Atlas Roofing Products with Scotchgard™ Protector

If you look at the roofs in your neighborhood, you will notice that many have brown and black streaks. These streaks are algae, a major problem for roof systems in the Northeast. Luckily our roofing manufacturer, Atlas, has been using advanced technology to develop shingles that can stand up to algae.

Scotchgard™, a patented technology by Atlas, works to prevent algae from growing on the roof. Using copper-fortified granules, Scotchgard™ roof shingles protect the roof system from those unsightly black and brown streaks.

StormMaster Slate

StormMaster® Slate featuring Scotchgard™ Protector roofing shingles are designed with a rubberized SBS polymer that creates a more durable and longer lasting roof shingle, capable of with standing extreme weather conditions. This tough construction ensures these impact resistant shingles demonstrate high performance and lasting durability. This Class 4 rated roof shingle can be used in all areas of the country, and has proven its stability in high impact and strong winds.

StormMaster Shake

While lighter than slate, tile, or metal alternatives, asphalt shake shingles still have the toughness you need to be worry-free. StormMaster Shake roof shingles feature a rubberized SBS polymer that creates a more durable, impact-resistant shingle. These shake shingles pass the Class IV rating, meaning you won’t need to worry about hail, flying debris, or harsh rains. StormMaster’s asphalt shake shingles tough construction has proven itself in high impact and strong wind tests. Fortunately for homeowners everywhere, these superior roofing shake shingles can be used in all areas of the country.

Pinnacle Pristine

This roof system gives homeowners an exceptional value in a 3 dimensional shake. Pinnacle Pristine is a great alternative roof for the more budget conscious consumer that features a lifetime warranty against algae, 130 Mile Per Hour wind warranty, lifetime shingle warranty, and a 15 year extended warranty.

Inspire Roofing Products

Inspire Roofing Products will protect your most valuable asset while adding authenticity, beauty, and quality that will remain a lifetime. Their synthetic slate and synthetic shake roofing systems will perform even under the most extreme weather conditions and is backed by an industry leading 50 year Limited Lifetime material & labor Warranty.

Inspire Classic Slate

Classic Slate not only brings classic style to your home, it is authentically shaped and has textured surfaces and edges molded from authentic slate. This makes Classic Slate indistinguishable from natural slate. Classic Slate will not crack, break or delaminate either, standing the test of time better than natural slate. Classic Slate’s product formulation and manufacturing processes will provide durability, performance, and longevity for many years to come. By providing a lightweight and easily installed product, you will save money with lower installation and product costs in comparison to natural slate.

Inspire Aledora™ Slate

Aledora Slate is equipped with the finest aesthetics and craftsmanship available in the synthetic slate industry, providing a hand-cut slate appearance for a fraction of the cost. Aledora’s defined crisp edges with multiple colors integrated into every tile show variations that naturally mimic slates hues and shadow variances. Each tile is uniquely beautiful, so no two roofs are identical. Like all Inspire Roofing Products, Aledora also provides Class A Fire Rating, Class 4 Hail Impact Rating, 110-MPH Wind Uplift Rating, and a 50 year Limited Lifetime Warranty.


EDCO Steel Roofs

Steel roofs last a lifetime, lower energy costs, survive more extreme weather and are backed by a better guarantee than almost any other roofing product on the market. At American Quality Remodeling we depend on the experts at EDCO, who offer numerous steel roofing styles, a variety of slate and shake steel shingles, contemporary color options and a Warranty Plus program. Learn more about their metal and steel roofing product lines below:

Arrowline® Roofing Collection

EDCO ArrowLine® roofing products have received the highest possible hail rating, and use a unique four-way interlocking system that withstands winds of up to 160mph. ArrowLine® metal roofing is available in a rich range of contemporary colors, all coated with a deluxe TRINAR® finish for flawless, fade-proof color retention. This line is available in either a metal slate or steel shake patterning. As with all our steel roofs, ArrowLine® metal roofing carries a lifetime, non-prorated limited warranty that is fully transferable with the sale of the home. In most states, installing an ArrowLine® roof may lower your insurance cost for even more savings.

Generations Roofing Collection

Engineered for maximum strength and durability, the EDCO Generations® line is available in nine nature-inspired colors. EDCO uses a unique imaging process that retains the custom color palette beautifully. A natural-looking HD impression is bonded between two layers of TRINAR® for a flawless, tough finish. This revolutionary process adds beauty and value to your home for years to come, guaranteed! Generations Steel Roofing is manufactured with a unique 4-way interlocking system and are tested to withstand winds up to 160mph. EDCO steel roofs also have the highest possible hail rating (class 4).

Infiniti Steel Roofs

The materials at the heart of the Infiniti steel roofing line, pack the industry’s best protection from fire, rain, hail impact, and everything else that life can throw at it. Infiniti’s deep color palette is thermal-fused for permanent beauty and its sound-deadening coating mutes external sound. Infiniti’s natural grain and multi-tone shading has the contour, depth, and texture to create the look you want on your home. Its unique four-way interlock system withstands wind and rain of up to 160 mph. This is steel roofing that won’t chip, crack, fade, or peel — guaranteed.

Drexel Metal Roofing Systems

The perfect complement to any structure, Drexel Metals engineered metal roofing provides more benefits than eye-catching aesthetics. Energy saving benefits, a lifetime of protection and more, the Drexel Metal roofing systems deliver technical advancements, while maximizing cost efficiencies and sustainability.

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