As more natural and organic rooms become a popular 2015 trend, skylights are being utilized more than before. There however could be some tradeoffs.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of a skylight is that it lets natural light in. Bright mornings and dim evenings can offer a serene feeling to any room as well as be better than artificial light for resident’s minds and bodies. They also drive down electricity bills go down.

In large homes, using skylights as an alternative for artificial lights can save homeowners thousands of dollars a year. Skylights also offer more design options than traditional windows. They come in all different makes, models and materials with varieties of accessories. This means they can compliment any existing room in addition to help determine the theme of a brand new room or house.

But if skylights are not installed properly, there could be a lot more issues. If a skylight isn’t sealed correctly, it can leak when it rains or snows. On an angled roof, most water will run down into the gutters however there is always the possibility that water will get into the house and onto furniture and flooring.

Another problem that should be addressed is that skylights can let in more hot or cold air than a traditional window. Top of the line skylights still let in twice as much heat or drafts than the average, standard window. Less expensive skylights can let in the elements four times as much. This can be a major issue for homeowners that have property in states with hot summers, but frigid winters.

If you decide to add skylights to your home, it’s important to know that they can increase the value of your home. Eco-friendly design is only increasing in demand and many homebuyers look for features like this is a property. To overcome the obstacles of skylights however, you should hire professionals that have the right tools, staff and experience to get the job done correctly and properly install them in your home.

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