A skylight can be a great addition to your home not only because they add a lot of natural light, but because they can also make small spaces feel bigger. However, before you make the decision to have a skylight installed here are some things to consider:

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

There are plenty of different skylights that you can pick out for your home, however this doesn’t mean that they’ll all be an effective choice. Because this feature is being installed into your roof, it’s important that they are sealed well and waterproof. For this home improvement project it’s crucial that you select quality over price because a leaky skylight can create much more damage to your roof and home.

Energy Efficiency

Purchasing an energy efficient skylight will help cut down on bills, however there a lot of factors that play into the efficiency of a skylight. The size of your skylight will affect the temperature and degree of illumination in the room below so it’s important to select the appropriate size. For optimal energy efficiency, the skylight should only make up 5 percent or less of the floor space in the room below that has many windows. In a room with few windows, a skylight should make up no more than 15 percent of the room’s total floor space.


You have two options to chose from when it comes to style, venting units and closed units. Typically skylights are installed in hard to reach places, making it virtually impossible to open them up. There are tools that you can use to open the skylight, however after a while taking full advantage of the venting unit becomes more of a hassle than it’s worth. A closed unit is definitely recommended for spaces that hard to reach.

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