What is the last thing you see before you enter your home? If you guessed the front door, you are correct! The entry door to your home is a focal point in the exterior design of the structure, which means it is a key element that dominates the aesthetics. Opting to have the entry door replaced or installed by a home remodeling contractor in Mercer County, NJ, is a great way to dramatically enhance the look of your residence.

But, looks aren’t everything! With a new entry door, you can also increase the level of energy efficiency in your house, as well as enhance the strength of security. Aside from improving the appearance of your home, a new entry door is also a great investment that can last for years. When shopping for a quality line of entry doors, we highly recommend ProVia. ProVia is a professional-grade building material manufacturer that offers four lines of steel and fiberglass doors.

Now for the hard part – picking out the right entry door that will accommodate the design theme of your home. The decision can become tricky since there are many aspects on the door that must be considered, such as the size, material, glass inserts, and color. Simply follow this quick step-by-step guide to determining an entry door that will fit perfectly into the design of your residence.

Step 1: Choose the Door Style you Prefer Based on Your Needs and Personal Taste
The style of your door is made up of three elements – the size, configuration, and material. The door size is measured in inches or feet, and the standard height of an entry door is usually 80 inches (6ft 8 in.) The configuration of the door entails whether you want a single or double door, and if it should have an overhead transom or decorative lights. Wood is no longer the typical material for doors, as they are made out of many more substances in today’s market. ProVia offers doors made of steel and fiberglass.

Step 2: Select the Color and Finish of the Door
What design theme do you want the door to represent? Classic, rustic, and Victorian are some to name a few. The finish and color should be determined based on the specific theme you have in mind. Don’t forget to take the features and surroundings of your home into account.

Step 3: Find Out if the Door Will Have Glass Inserts, and if so, Choose a Design for them
Glass inserts add an elegant aura to any type of door. There are many ways to customize glass door inserts since they come in a variety of shapes and colors. When we work with you on your home remodeling project in Somerset County, NJ, we use computer software to layout and create the door’s design.

Step 4: Choose the Hardware for the Door
The hardware of the door is typically comprised of locks, deadbolts, levers, knobs, handles, hinges, and other accessories. Functionality plays a large role in determining the hardware. It all depends on what type of security system you want the door to have. It can be a lock and key, electronic keypad, or smart lock.

By following these four steps, you will be able to pinpoint the look of your new entry door. We will also help you pick out the door using our industry expertise. If you are interested in having your entry door upgraded, give us a call today!

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