Door replacement is one way to help increase the energy efficiency in your home. It may not always be obvious, though, when it is time to replace a door. However, there are a few signs that you can watch out for that will tell you it is time.

If you can see light around the door in any area, it means the door is not fitting as it should. Any air flow through or around the door is another sign it is worn out. Lastly, if the door doesn’t open and close smoothly, this is telling you the fit is off and that the door needs to be replaced.

Sometimes leaks can be small and not very noticeable, but even a small leak can be a big problem. You can’t always rely on what you see or feel to test if a door replacement is needed. A door installation professional can do a much better job testing for leaks. Additionally, professionals are trained to recognize the signs of wear that would warrant a replacement.

When you replace an old door and install an energy efficient one, you will benefit from lower energy costs. While an energy efficient door may seem more costly upfront, the new door will eventually pay for itself in savings on gas and electric bills. Additionally, you should notice your home feels more comfortable since the air leaks are gone. Many drafts are due to leaky doors, so a simple new door installation can make huge changes in your home’s temperature.

In fact, replacing the front door of your home is rated as the number one most cost-effective home improvement project that you can do. It won’t only save on your bills, but it will boost your curb appeal and potentially the value of your home.

Often people think about windows when it comes to reducing energy loss, however it is also important to consider doors. They can be a huge area of energy loss and can be responsible for costing you a lot of money. So, check for signs that you need a door replacement and call in a professional to help ensure that all your doors are energy efficient.

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