The windows have a strong presence in the exterior design of a residence, so choosing the right style for your remodeling project is crucial in achieving an attractive outdoor appearance. But since there are so many window styles available on the construction market, it can be tricky to determine which one will fit with the aesthetics of your home. Style isn’t the only aspect to consider – each window design has its own functionalities, such as how it opens, closes, latches, and insulates. You want the windows to look stunning with the design of your house, but they should also meet your needs as a homeowner. When picking out window styles, detail and functionality go hand in hand. By finding the answers to those looming renovation questions, the right choice will make itself known.

What is the architectural style of your residence?

Select the window style that best accommodates the visual design of your home. Not all window styles will look good with the particular exterior look of the dwelling. For example, double-hung windows look better with traditional style homes while sliding windows complement modern style homes.

What do you want the windows to achieve?

There are various reasons for wanting to renovate or install new windows. Whether the project is for energy efficiency, letting in more sunlight, enhancing insulation, or improving the appearance, there is a window product that can make it happen. New advancements in the construction industry have led to the production of windows with improved structures, durable materials, and energy efficient glass. Think about the characteristics you’d like your windows to have in terms of functionality.
What color should the frame be?

Wood framed windows can be painted any color, but other window types such as vinyl and aluminum are available in a variety of colors. You can select a standard shade or you can have the frame customized to the color you needs.
Once you’ve considered these questions, you will be on the path for selecting the right window style. Still feeling stumped? Consult with your residential roofing and window contractor near Somerset, NJ. A trustworthy contractor will work with you to determine the best style option for your new windows, as well as offer advice using their knowledge and expertise in the field.
Our contracting company offers The American Premier Window Collection – a quality line of windows with a plethora of custom options. The windows are constructed of vinyl and aluminum with weatherstripping for a tight seal, Styrotech insulating foam for increased insulation, and soft LowE coated glass for energy efficiency. The styles of the collection include double-hung, picture, sliding, casement, awning, bow, bay, and garden. Give us a call today to start your window renovation project.

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