Gutter maintenance is one of the many items that require upkeep as part of the homeownership bundle. Improper maintenance could result in moisture seeping into the foundation and structure of your home. Many homeowners may not know the red flags that signal it’s time for your clogged gutters to be serviced. At American Quality Remodeling, we’ve got some useful warning signs that you should look for:

Gutters full of leaves and yard waste are the initial sign that a cleaning is past due. The weight of the accumulation could separate the clogged gutters from the structure of the home, resulting in additional damage. In the winter, ice dams can form and as the ice expands, further damage can result to the gutters and your home. If you notice during the winter that your clogged gutters are separating from the structure, you may need to call in a professional, as your gutters may not last through the winter. This saves you from causing further damage, and from having to stand outside in the cold repairing and cleaning gutters.

By the time signs of life appear in your gutters, you have likely missed previous warning signs. Both plant and animal life fall under this description. Insects, birds, and appropriately-sized mammals will take up residence in any structure that they deem abandoned. Once tenants move into your gutters, it is safe to say that rainwater will no longer have the mobility that the gutters were designed to facilitate. Soil trapped in your gutters and watered by the rain creates a perfect environment for virile plant life. Between the animals and plants, your gutters make a perfect woodland, but a less than perfect channel for rainwater. Your gutters should never be allowed to reach the point where there are signs of life.

Cleaning gutters may not be your favorite home maintenance chore, but it should be done twice a year on average. For those who are unable to schedule time for gutter maintenance, at American Quality Remodeling we can help! Just give us a call or click here for a free quote to get started.

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