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Timeless Beauty, Style and Durability

American Quality Remodeling is proud to work in partnership with Classic Metal Roofing products for many of our residential metal roofing applications.

Beautiful and durable, metal roofing is fast becoming the material of choice for residential applications, and in fact has more than quadrupled its share of the roofing market over the last ten years. Advances in technology, forming techniques and finishing options mean that today, more than ever before, there are metal roofing options available that can be customized to suit virtually any preference and budget.

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In addition to a vast selection of appearance and design options, homeowners and builders are discovering many other benefits to metal roofing that simply cannot be matched by traditional roofing options, including:

  • Extended performance, durability and beauty, lasting in excess of 50 years
  • Superior wind, weather and fire resistance
  • Overall energy costs can be reduced by up to 20%, and attic temperatures are often reduced up to 34%
  • Lighter overall weight per square foot to reduce strain on your home’s structural integrity and weight-bearing performance

However, in this fast-growing segment of the industry, be aware that not all metal roofing companies are created equal. These are some of the main benefits and advantages offered by Classic Metal Roofing, many of which are not offered by our competitors:

  • Unique forming methods allow us to offer the most intricately designed metal roofing profiles, along with a wide range of colors to complement and enhance today’s home design trends
  • 30+ years of manufacturing experience, proven product lines with 40 to 50 years of field use
  • Lifetime / 40-Year Transferable Limited Warranty is non-pro-rated for all owners; no transfer fee levied on warranty transfers to future owners
  • Experienced and trained independent dealer network, including our responsive Customer Support Team, always available to answer questions and provide support
  • Proven flashing designs including our unique “no-clog” valley system, as well as available factory-formed custom flashings
  • Recycled content of up to 95%, and weights as low as 0.45 pounds per square foot

With nearly 200,000 square feet of facilities, our highly-efficient system enables us to manufacture and distribute roofing materials to our extensive network of dealers and installers in the most cost-effective way, and pass along those savings to you. Further, with decades of experience as established industry leaders in the world of metal roofing, we strive constantly to apply the knowledge and skills we’ve learned to develop innovative new ways of maximizing the advantages and protection that a metal roof provides.

From the timeless appeal and charm of our Country Manor Shake roof style to the Mediterranean flavor and warmth of our Grandetile barrel tile roof style, Classic Metal Roofing offers a complete range of design, color and finishing options that will perfectly complement any exterior design or application.

OXFORD SHINGLE ROOFING by Classic Metal Roofing System

The look of composition shingles…The benefits of metal roofing

Asphalt or fiberglass composition shingles have by far been the most popular roofing material over the last fifty years. They provide a nice look for most homes and, up until the last twenty years, could be expected to last 18-20 years. As oil prices began to get more and more expensive, composition companies began to skimp on the amount of petroleum used in their shingles and homeowners immediately saw a decrease in the product’s performance, however. Today composition shingles are often lasting only 8-15 years.

Seeing this trend, Classic set out to engineer an aluminum panel that emulated the look of composition shingles while providing the proven benefits of metal roofing. Oxford Shingle is the perfect solution for someone who wishes to maintain the traditional look of their home while investing in the last roof they’ll ever need. The clean simple lines blend with any home and are accepted into any neighborhood. Many homeowners associations and architectural review boards have seen products like Oxford Shingle as being the key to allowing their residents to enjoy the many benefits of metal roofing.

Oxford Shingle is a Lifetime Roofing System

At Classic, we know that you have worked hard for what you have. You’re rightfully proud of the home you have provided for you and your family. Every day we strive to manufacture products worthy of your home-products unmatched in quality, benefits, and beauty, and Oxford Shingle is no exception. Oxford Shingle is a lifetime roofing system of the highest quality and design. The revolutionary paint system is guaranteed to resist fading and chalking, and the four-way interlocking panels will withstand hurricane strength winds and hail. And, because of aluminum’s high emissivity and our highly reflective coatings, Oxford Shingle can save you up to 25% on your energy bills for the rest of your life-hard earned money that can be much better spent.

Every Classic Metal Roof is engineered to the highest standards of quality and performance and we are committed to conducting business to the highest standards of values and excellence.


  • Available in a variety of Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based finishes
  • Concealed fasteners for ultimate protection
  • Maintenance free: will not rust, crack, or rot
  • Resists streaking and staining
  • Works well for even harsh coastal applications


  • Manufactured from heavy .024″ thick 95% recycled content aluminum alloy
  • Has passed wind tests required by Dade County, Florida.
  • Will not burn and protects against flying embers from wildfires or chimneys
  • Four-way interlocking panels hold tight


  • Sheds ice and snow faster than many other roofs
  • Will not absorb water or become waterlogged
  • Will not rot or support insects
  • Fade and chalk resistant
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty


  • Energy Star Partner
  • Sustainable
  • “Cool Coatings” reflect radiant heat
  • Made from 95% post-consumer recycled aluminum
  • Can usually be installed over existing roofs; allows you to invest in a better roof rather than landfill disposal of your old one

Oxford Shingle is an attractive aluminum roofing system designed to provide a beautiful, long-lasting, durable, and energy efficient alternative to traditional roofing materials like standard shingles and slate. The large interlocking panels minimize seams on the roof and feature all concealed fasteners.

Pre-Formed Flashings and Accessories:

  • Hip / Ridge caps
  • Self-cleaning valley
  • Combination starter strip / drip edge
  • Gable edge trim
  • Sidewall flashing
  • Vent pipe flashing
  • Matching coil stock
  • Color-matched butyl sealant
  • Roof AquaGuard underlayments
  • Aluminum screwshank nails
  • Unique fastening clips
  • Optional snow guards
  • Available foam inserts for high traffic areas

Panel measurements: 60″ x 12″, 20 panels per 100 square feet;

Weight: 40 pounds per square
Oxford Shingles have a four-way interlock that locks each panel to the surrounding panels. The panels are secured to the roof using aluminum fastening clips. The clips, are attached to the panels’ top locks, allow the panels to expand and contract as necessary. The product’s low weight allows installation over many existing roofs.

Aluminum: .024” thick roofing panels; Matching accessories are .019” or .024” thick aluminum
All aluminum panels and accessories are made of 3105-H25 aluminum sheet (minimum tensile strength 26,000 psi; minimum yield strength 22,000 psi) or equivalent. The aluminum has minimum 95% recycled content.

Minimum Roof Pitch: 3:12

Finish: Industry-leading PVDF coating technology
Oxford Shingle is coated with a baked on protective primer and a Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® PVDF resin-based coating to provide a high quality finish. Kynar 500® and Hylar 5000® are trade names for polyvinylidene fluoride resin. The backs of the panels are finished with a protective clear coat. The finish includes reflective pigment to enhance the product’s energy efficiency.

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