Homeownership comes with numerous perks and benefits, but it also comes with its fair share of responsibilities and headaches. One of those headaches is bad gutters, and one of those responsibilities is gutter replacement. Most people don’t give much thought to their home’s gutter system, but considering the gutters are what protect the home from water damage and debris, overlooking one’s gutters could prove to be a huge mistake, and here’s why:

Gutters Are Exposed

Gutters protect your home from rain water, leaves and other debris, but what protects them from the same? If you don’t have gutter protectors on your home, nothing protects them. Over time, grime and debris can weaken your gutter system by causing mold, rust and rot. When this happens, your gutters can no longer do their job effectively, which may mean that your home’s roof and very foundation may fall under attack. Don’t let that happen, and invest in routine gutter maintenance and replacement.

Gutters Are Necessary

This point cannot be stressed enough: gutters are essential to preserving the integrity of any home, which is why gutter replacement and maintenance are necessary. Gutters direct water and debris away from the home’s roof and foundation, essentially preventing rot, mold and water damage. When gutters don’t work or when they are in poor working condition, debris and water won’t have anywhere to go. Instead, it will all puddle on the roof, leading to significant damage and eventual leaks. At the base of your home, water could flow directly into your foundation as opposed to away from it, leading to structural issues. While regularly cleaning your gutters can prolong the life of the system, you should look into replacing your gutters every ten years or so.

Before you bought a home, chances are that you never thought about your gutters or any of the other mundane responsibilities that come with homeownership. However, mundane or not, such responsibilities help to keep your home in good condition. Protect your home and invest in regular gutter replacement and maintenance.

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