Making a Statement With Your Exterior Front Doors


Exterior doors are an essential element in your home’s safety, curb appeal and functionality. Whether you’re building a new home or looking to renovate your older home, here are some considerations to make when choosing the best door for your new front door installation.


Front doors are typically made of either wood or steel, but there’s a great amount of variety available. When choosing a material, consider the price, look, feel and installation of your door. Don’t forget to check out whether your door has windows. Most modern exterior doors feature durable, shatterproof glass, but many don’t.


A major focus of any front door installation project should be functionality. Choose a style of door and hardware that works for you. Whether you want a large, elegant handle with stained glass or a simple steel door, consider how you need to use your door. A knocker, doorbell or other feature can be helpful if your living room and kitchen are far away from your front door, while a peep hole can be useful if you don’t have windows nearby.

A bolt lock is a common feature to project your home. Some bolt locks or knobs come with key code access, which allows you entry if you forget your keys. Large windows may look beautiful, but can also take away from your privacy. Finally, weatherstripping around the entire door is essential for energy efficiency.

Curb Appeal

Your front door is one of the first things that visitors will see before they enter your home. Many homeowners use their front door as an opportunity to add a splash of color to their exterior. Choose a front door style and color that makes a statement. Whether you choose a warm and welcoming orange or a vivid purple or green, your front door installation can set the tone and mood for your entire home.