If you have minor problems with your roof, there may be no need for a completely new roof. A full roof replacement can be costly and, ultimately, unnecessary. Seek out well-regarded contractors to prepare a full bid based upon their insight and expertise. Roofing professionals have the licensed know-how to determine your home’s degree of damage and the expected lifespan for your current materials. It is beneficial to request that these are detailed in each roofing contractor’s estimate for you.

Damage Control

Asphalt shingles can have a life span of 15 to 30 years but may still be affected by high winds and weather. A few shingles missing or torn on a roof doesn’t necessarily warrant a full replacement. It is recommended to have your roof reviewed by local experts to assess the damage. Seek their expertise on how short-term repairs may maintain the integrity of the existing roof yet restore the home’s function and appearance.

Climate and Lifespan

Roofing experts in your locale will have a history of how climate has affected area homes through the years. Houses residing in milder climates, such as Southern California, typically won’t need as many repairs as those in the wintery locales of the Midwest or the Northeast. Ask each contractor to share expected roof lifespans in their bids and how repairs can extend those deadlines.


Repairing specific damaged portions versus a total roof replacement can be a preferred economical route and improve the roof’s hardiness. Newer shingles, for example, may have an advanced construction and longevity. Whereas, costs for a new roof may grow beyond the original price because of damaged landscape during roof construction or replacement of gutters.

Not every damaged roof requires a complete roof replacement. Repairs can extend the life of your roof and save money. Contact licensed roofing professionals to analyze your needs, outline a repair plan with cost, and note recommended materials for your location.

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